Spirit of Relationship

Retreats & Workshops



Connecting through nature to
our inner nature and natural self
we can Reflect, Renew and Heal


Give yourself the time and the space
from the distractions of daily life to;

—Calm and quiet your mind
for clearer thinking.
—Relax and rest your body
for improved health and energy.
—Reclaim and release emotions for
better relational connection.
—Recommit to and embody your spiritual being
in search of purpose.
—Engage and support the ongoing process of healing
for a well lived life.

Each half day, day or overnight will include:
—Personal Space and Place in Nature
—You will have the opportunity to choose your space;
in a natural shelter, the Yurt, alongside a stream, high on the hill, under or up a tree, or in the open of the meadow.


Private Consultation Life Coaching or Therapy Session

Time with a trained therapist/consultant for life transitions, relational dilemmas, stress management, personal and professional development, healing of trauma, or life processing.

Personal Alone Time

A precious commitment to yourself for listening to what you already know, discovering insights, opening to intuition, feeling primal knowing, rekindling creativity and simply quieting, slowing and being. In support of your retreat you may engage in the following:

  • Walking, hiking or climbing
  • Expressive art forms; craft, movement, dance, drum, journal
  • Connecting to the gentle strength and beauty of the horses
  • Bodywork/energy work/massage
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Prayer & purification sweat lodge

Each retreat is individually designed with you to meet your personal interests.

Each retreat includes private sessions for therapeutic work, dream work or process work.

  • Half day 9:00am - 11:30am $155.00
  • Full day 9:00 am - 3:00 pm $255.00
  • Overnight (2 half or full days) $350.00

Some options above will necessitate an additional fee. For a longer retreat, fees will be arranged. Starting and ending times may vary.

Other Retreat Opportunities

  • Nature, Horses, Rapture of the Deep
  • Wolf Creek; Preparation for the Practice of Medicine Woman Ways
  • Horse Spirit and Bear Medicine Retreat in Montana
  • The Spirit of Relationship Quest; Exploring the Alchemy of Love (couples)
  • Retreats for Organizations and groups can be individually designed

Ongoing Groups

  • Drum, Shamanic Journey and Healing Circle; generally once a month
  • Women Nature and Spirit

Ongoing Retreats & Workshops

  • Horse Spirit/ Bear Medicine Retreat
  • Horses, Nature, Rapture of the Deep
  • Wolf Creek
  • Alchemy of Love



Workshops are offered personally or through The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland or CWRU MSASS Continuing Educationor you may schedule any of the following workshops specifically for your group or organization.. CEU's often available.

  • Exploring the Alchemy of Love (for couples)
  • Spirit of Relationship (for individuals or couples)
  • Dream Work as Sacred Practice
  • Dream and Journey Work as Therapeutic Modality
  • Integrating Nature into Gestalt Practice
  • Gestalt Approach to Ethical Relational Practice as Good Practice
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning from a Gestalt Perspective; Horses Helping People
  • Working with Resistance and Clinical and Organizational Clients
  • Working Integrally with Couples, Teams and Small Systems
  • Creative Management of Conflict
  • Facilitating Change in Clinical and Organizational Client Systems


   Contact Jackie at 440-338-1752 or e-mail for further information or to schedule your retreat

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