Spirit of Relationship

The Spirit of Relationship Quest: Exploring the Alchemy of Love

Facilitated by Jackie and Herb Stevenson

Format: one or two day ($200.00 per couple each day) or five evening sessions ($250.00 per couple for 5 sessions)

The intent of "The Spirit of Relationship Quest " is to place our selves and our partner in experiential discovery and interactive dialogue within nature, our own instinctual knowing, the wisdom of one another and with the Spirit of relationship.

Relationships challenge us to our human limits, bring us to our knees, uplift us to glorious heights and carry our spirits home in dynamic interaction. They bring us face to face with ourselves, shining the light of awareness into our eyes and consciousness into our hearts.

We each have our own learnings, lessons, failures and triumphs in the exploration of relationship. Many of us strive for deeper connection to our selves, each other, Spirit and to all life. We passionately long to be part of a meaningful whole, to be seen for who we are and to make a difference to each other and in this rapidly changing world. Relationship provides us with a wonderful paradox. We are connected by the same source of life. We are each perfect as how we are, complete and whole within ourselves. We are intertwined on our journey.

Our relationships provide us with the opportunity to bring heaven to earth as we embody our spiritual beliefs in our daily lives. The awareness and responsibilities of trust, commitment, integrity, choice, forgiveness, surrender, compassion and love are the same qualities that determine our spiritual presence. Guided by the Spirit of Relationship each couple will have the opportunity to begin a quest for the vision, blessings and sacred path of their relationship.

Opening to the healing energy of nature and calling to the power of ceremony each couple will have the possibility of beginning a process within their relationship to

  • Enhance shared purpose
  • Awaken conscious relationship
  • Encounter one another with grace
  • Explore embodied empathy
  • Allow forgiveness and compassion
  • Inspire playfulness, passion and peace
  • Expand aloneness and togetherness
  • Remember to be in love

Join us in this sacred quest of relationship.
—Jackie and Herb


Jackie and Herb Stevenson

Herb Stevenson has been a management consultant for twenty years. He specializes in executive coaching and diversity training. He has published 26 books. Herb facilitates mens' circles and drumming circles. He is a member of the faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and Cleveland State University. He is founder of the Medicine of Men program. As part of his Native American Indian heritage, he practices and teaches indigenous healing practices around the country.

Jackie Lowe-Stevenson is a practicing psycho-therapist, consultant and staff member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and of MSASS at Case Western Reserve University. She teaches in Israel, Turkey and Mexico. Working in a Mongolian tent (yurt) in the woods, Jackie integrates Nature, energy work and vision quest with personal and spiritual development on behalf of individuals and groups. She is founder of Wolf Creek; Preparation for the Practice of Medicine Woman Ways.


For information or registration application call Jackie at 440-247-2217 or Herb at 440-247-2673, or e-mail Jackie at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com or Herb at herb@onewhitehorsestanding.com

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