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Body Work/ Energy Work

Bodywork/ Energy Work Sessions

Each body work oriented session is unique to the client with the purpose of supporting their body to be in its most optimal condition to reorient, balance and to heal itself.

My approach to body/energy work is an integration of several hands on healing modalities including Gestalt body process, Polarity, Reiki, Breema, Traeger and Swedish massage. The client is fully clothed and can choose to work on the table inside the yurt, inside space or outside under the trees, over the stream or on the earth directly.

Our body is self organizing, adaptive, intelligent and meaning seeking. Attending to and experiencing our embodiment is integral to how we impact and are impacted by our world. We experience our reality through our body-self. There exists a direct connection between body experience and sense of self. How we work, play, connect with others, love, discover and grow is directly related to our physical embodiment.

Being in our bodies, living as an embodied self will support our being fully present, alive, productive and creative. Our body is history, the present and future possibility. We are emerging consciousness in form and motion. Change occurs when we discover and embody more of whom we are. Each body/energy work session focuses on embodied awareness in support of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Jackie Lowe Stevenson, MSSA. Certified Massage Practitioner and certified APP( advanced polarity practitioner). Certified Eagala and HorseWise Equine Assisted specialist.

Fees for Nature Based Body Work/ Energy Work sessions

  • One hour session: $100.00
  • 90 minute session: $135.00
  Call Jackie at 440-338-1752 or e-mail jacalynstevenson@gmail.com for further information or appointment



There is a force within
Which gives you life—
Seek that.
In your body
Lies a priceless gem—
seek that
If you want to find
The greatest treasure
don't look outside,
Look inside, and seek that.

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