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Pebble Ledge Ranch

Novelty, Ohio 44022

  Pebble Ledge Ranch, our new home.
 Many of you know that Herb and I and the Herd have moved from our River Road home to a new home on Cedar Road in Novelty, Ohio. Listening to voice of the land of our old home we knew it was time to give it back to Nature for a rest from our human footsteps and healing requests.  

We are slowing growing into relationship with the land of our new home. Pebble Ledge Ranch has its own mysteries, sweet songs, challenges and healing powers. It is a conservancy property so it is protected by a land trust and we have agreed to be its current caretakers. It had been in one family for 105 years and we are the first owners since then. We are making friends with those ancestors and the many ancient ones who live on the land here.   The land is about 80 acres and is surrounded by 500 acres of Geauga Park land and the Geauga Rookery. We have begun to reopen wonderful old hiking trails which connect to the park.

The Chagrin River wanders along and through the forest of the east boundary offering beautiful places to dwell by the water and to splash about on warm days. The west boundary is guarded by a Hemlock forest and old Canadian Glacial Rock and ledge formations and millions of quartz pebbles...hence the name Pebble Ledge. On the north boundary is a three acre natural bog with amazing lily pads, water birds, turtles and many other primorial critters of the bog.

The south boundary is our living space, an old farm house, a guest cottage, a pre civil war bank barn and smaller cozy barn,  an old kennel we are turning into a longhouse, and the yurt.   The center of the land is a 22 acre rolling pasture which is home to the horse herd, Thunderheart, Rojo, Bea, Spirit and Raven. They are living the life of a horse and are free, happy and at peace. I think they dreamed us here.   We have completed a campsite and Sweat lodge in the forest above the beautiful ancient grandfather and grandmother ledges and many sacred and ceremonial sites are beginning to reveal themselves to us.

Pebble Ledge Ranch is available for personal retreats. group and organizational retreats and special events


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