Spirit of Relationship

Horses, Nature; Rapture of the Deep

A Workshop For Exploration & Personal Growth, Offered Monthly

A one day retreat/workshop offering the opportunity to be in relationship with a herd of gentle hearted horses within the sacred realm of nature to:

  • Explore what truly has heart and meaning for you
  • Expand your capacity to be more fully present to the moment
  • Touch the sacred, healing and transformative realm of the deep feminine
  • Reconnect with your aliveness and creative spirit

Horses embody instinct, power and grace. They inspire our dreams and awaken creativity. Interactions with horse wisdom and empathy brings us closer to our instinctual self. Relationship with these magnificent beings is a sacred privilege.

Nature soothes the soul and is an abundant source of creative and healing energy. As we dwell in nature and enter into silent dialogue with her we also enter into quiet dialogue with ourselves. Within the sacred power of nature familiar patterns are often challenged and resources untapped become available.

Human relationship with Horse and Nature expands our capacity for focus, intention and integration to help ourselves and others embody the gifts of self empowerment, self healing, and spiritual awakening.

Rapture of the Deep is life lived to its fullest...this rapture {deeply entering into} allows deeper relationship with the other beings on and of the earth" and {also within our selves}. Finding ourselves where we've always been until we thew ourselves out abandoning our rational and oppressive humanness. If one stays in their own deeply loved place on earth for a long time, everything gets deeper and deeper; until even a single flower or the sunlight through autumn grasses gives one rapture.

—Adapted from Delores La Chapelle

Group size: Eight- ten participants and four horses
Facilitator: Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA LISW is a Psychotherapist and consultant and teaches at CWRU and Gestalt Institute.

For registration, information or additional horse/nature retreat /workshop dates, contact Jackie at 440-338-1752 or by e-mail at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com.


"Humans, horses and the Earth Herself - with all of Her inhabitants - will be immensely helped and supported as we work together to raise our levels of consciousness. In so doing, we may be available to co-create a world which mirrors what nature and the horses are showing us is possible: A world embodying Radical Compassion, Healthy Community, Precise and Deep Communication, and Unconditional Love."
— Jill Eldridge

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