Spirit of Relationship

Relationship is shared Spirit

Welcome to the Spirit of Relationship. Dedicated to facilitating personal growth and professional development for individuals, families and work teams through the exploration, development and healing potential of relationship.

We gently tug at the intricate web of relationship; visible and invisible connections to our ancestors, to nature, to those from the present and past and those yet to come. Exploring relationship within ourselves, our families, our work places we expand our capacity to be in intentional and caring relationship for a life of well being.

—Jackie Lowe Stevenson

Pebble Ledge Ranch

Spirit of Relationship Opportunities

Nature Based Life Coaching or Psychotherapy 

New paradigm integrating life coaching or traditional psychotherapy, and spiritual work within the context and beauty of nature. The encounter between the client, and nature embodies the possibility of transformative change.
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Equine Facilitated Life Coaching,
Experiential Learning or Psychotherapy

An emerging field and therapeutic modality working within the relationship between horse and person. You learn about yourself by being in relationship with the horses, participating in activities with the horses and then processing your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and patterns in service of personal growth and professional development. Find out more...

Body Work/ Energy Work

Each body work oriented session is unique to the client with the purpose of supporting their body to be in its most optimal condition to reorient, balance and to heal itself. My approach is an integration of several hands on healing modalities including Gestalt body process, Polarity, Reiki, Breema, Traeger and Swedish massage. The client is fully clothed and can choose to work in an inside space or outside in nature. Find out more...

Horses, Heart and Spirit

Women’s Group - Ongoing

A circle of women and a herd of horses come together to explore on what has heart, spirit and meaning for us at this time in our lives. There is no horse riding, this is about relationship and we all have our feet on the ground.

Join our daytime group which herds up weekly beginning Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 am on April 27, May 4, 11, 18, June 1, 15, 22, 29, July 6 The evening group meets once a month from 6:30pm -8:30 pm, Tuesday April 26, May 24, June 21 Summer Solstice celebration).

We will spend time together outside in nature, in the covered arena or inside the cottage as Mother Nature and we decide.

Fee: $30.00 per day or evening.

You can attend sessions individually and attend as you can but please confirm your place in the herd for each day/evening you will be attending by e-mailing Jackie prior to group meeting at Jacalynstevenson@gmail.com xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Retreats & Workshops

Woman’s Call of the Wild

An Inner Journey, Vision Quest
and Retreat in Nature

Have you been hearing the call of the wild?

Have you been dreaming and awakening to inner knowing?

Gather your deep feminine instinct, free horse spirit, wildish and wolfish nature and love of the natural world. We will follow the trails through the forest uncovering our natural primitive self step by step. Gathering in a tribal circle we will share care and wisdom. The river calls us to be heard, the earth longs for our footsteps to hold the souls of our feet, the trees and rocks have secrets to tell us, the fire holds healing warmth for our bones and the wind inspiration for our spirit.

Moving with the rhythm of timelessness and ceremonial space, listening deeply within we will create the energetic field to support each other’s wisdom and instinctual natures. Connecting through nature to your wilderness spirit, inner nature and natural being.

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Nature Retreat

Personally designed one day or overnight retreats in nature to quiet your mind for clearer thinking, to relax and rest your body for improved health and energy, to embody your spiritual being and to support the ongoing process of healing.
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Horses, Nature, Rapture of the Deep Workshop/Retreat

Spend a day in relationship with a herd of gentle hearted horses within the power and beauty of nature to explore what has meaning for you, to touch the sacred healing realm of the feminine and to reconnect with your creative spirit. No horse experience is needed. Find out more...

Ceremony, Celebration and Healing

Ceremony, ritual & celebrations for individuals, couples, family, group & community. Solstice celebrations, shaman drum circles, healing ceremonies, life passage rituals. Find out more...

The Spirit of Relationship Quest;
Exploring the Alchemy of Love

Place yourselves and your partner in experiential discovery and interactive dialogue within nature, your own instinctual knowing, the wisdom of one another and with the Spirit of relationship. Guided by the Spirit of Relationship each couple will have the opportunity to begin a quest for the vision, blessings and sacred path of their relationship. Groups and individual sessions for couples.
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Lectures, Workshops, Consulting and Training

Individually designed work developed for corporations, educational settings, professional groups and organizations. Find out more...


I appreciate your interest and am deeply grateful for the privilege to engage in this sacred work. May you be inspired in your life's journey.
—Jackie Lowe Stevenson

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